punQtum is the new kid on the block of digital intercom solutions. With just a couple of beltpacks and an off-the-shelf PoE+ switch, you can start. Interference-free communication, easy to usescalable to your needs, and at a price comparable to analog systems. Do you want to learn more about it?


punQtum Digital Intercom

An overview of punQtum and why punQtum digital intercom is as affordable as most analog systems. Of course, we will also give you a live product demo.

Did you consider using digital intercom systems for your team communication, yet? Here is an excellent opportunity to get a first impression of how punQtum Digital Intercom work. We show you firsthand how easy it is to establish reliable systems with just a couple of Q110 Beltpacks and an off the shelf PoE+ switch. And of course, we are happy to discuss your needs and if time allows your specific use cases. Don’t miss it, register today!


Passion That Pays

Capitalize on your experience! Get an introduction in products and technology and learn about creating a new business as a punQtum Expert.

Did you know that 50% of the staff in the entertainment and event industry are either part-time, self-employed, or on timely limited contracts? If you are an expert in your field, love talking about gear, and know your community, here is your opportunity: Apply as a punQtum Expert! Fall in love with our products, recommend and demo punQtum Digital Intercom systems and receive your fair share of every deal we make with one of your contacts. Sounds good? Please register for our webinar and learn more.

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